The exhibition FLOWER POWER carries certain themes of the counterculture: inner peace, harmony and a sense of spiritual awakening expressed through images of nature and beauty painted with psychedelic colour. However, I use the term FLOWER POWER also in a literal sense. When one looks at flowers in nature, one connects with their intrinsic beauty formed by the Maker. The sculptural curve of a petal, the stamen of the flower and the bud of new growth demonstrate the cycle of life. I wish to communicate the joie de vivre, my own feelings of exuberance and positive energy apparent in the process. Through spiritual enlightenment, I hope to transcend the materials of paint and canvas and focus on emotion and mood, flooding the surface with colour. Through the act of painting, I am freed from the physical and connect with the unconscious and the inner spirit.
                  My influences include Vincent Van Gogh, Jack Shadbolt, Georgia O'Keeffe's florals, Marcel Duchamp's use of line and expression of motion, and Wassily Kandinsky.